Ms. Christian Johnston » Just a little bit of background information

Just a little bit of background information

Hello Shepherd parents! My name is Ms. Christian Johnston, I know what I'm about to say might make you doubt my abilities to teach your children, but this is my first year teaching. Wait though! I myself am a parent to two boys, ages 10 and 3. I have also been in charge of children's programming for the local art/history museum in the town in South Texas where I hail from. So this by far is not my first rodeo in educating children. I will say this, being a first year teacher I feel that I might be better equipped to roll with the punches that this upcoming year is sure to bring to us. From a parents perspective I know how difficult it is to do virtual learning with your child, and at the same time I also understand the hesitancy and worry of sending your child back to school. Whichever boat it is that you're in, I too have experience or am experiencing your same concerns. Please feel free to contact me at my school email address if you should have any questions or concerns -
We're in this together, and I'm glad to have each of you on my team! Go Pirates!